The 7 Challenges

IMPACT7 will showcase amazing scientific solutions to these seven challenges.

Do you know how to make blueberries ripen on cue? Can you send an apple across Australia and keep it as crisp and juicy as if it was picked a minute ago? Are you working on a way for our grandkids and their kids to have an abundance of vegetables, fish, cheese, and wine in their lifetimes? How are you helping to secure the future of Australia’s food?

  • Biodiversity
  • Botany
  • Preserving food
  • Genetics
  • Disease prevention
  • Sustainable farming
  • Agriculture
Is it possible, through scientific research, to make bushfires and other natural disasters less devastating? To cool the planet? Preserve habitats? How do you develop or harness microclimates to make cities more liveable, productive, grow rare flowers, save Australian bees? How is research helping to make our environment more resilient?

  • Ways to mitigate natural disasters
  • Bush regeneration
  • Cooling the planet
  • Harnessing / managing / developing / exploiting micro-climates
  • Intelligent building materials
  • Environmental conservation
  • Saving the Great Barrier Reef
Have you developed new ways to harness solar, wind, or hydro/water energy (or other clean/renewable energy sources we haven’t thought of!)? Did you invent a way to revolutionise the kinds of things we can power, how long we can power them for, or open powered devices to previously impossible places? Do you have better ways of getting and using energy?

  • New ways to harness solar, wind, water energy (or other energy sources we haven’t thought of!)
  • Unconventional batteries
  • Ways to make energy usage more efficient
  • Nuclear
  • Desalination
Do you know how to use science to help us live longer, happier, healthier lives? How is science enabling new ways to play? What materials, equipment, potions are being developed to help us be faster, stronger, fitter?

  • Medicine
  • Disease prevention
  • Genetics
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Sports science – clothing, equipment, anatomy,
  • Better / different ways to play, supporting play
  • Ergonomics
Are you using science to help safeguard Australia and her neighbours from global threats like pandemics, climate change, poverty-induced illnesses? Spreading equality of opportunity, preserving history, art, cultural practices…

  • Smarter ways of delivering services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mitigation of pandemics
  • International aid and development
How do we make Australia’s biggest and most valuable industries more efficient, productive, and sustainable? Are you working on developments that will reshape the daily grind of millions of workers, moving traditional industries into the twenty-first century and beyond?

  • Disrupting traditional industries
  • Wonderful 3D printer inks
  • Workplace safety
  • Industrial use of chemicals and materials
Tell us how your project is creating impact!