‘Impact’ is about creating change for good – whether that’s social change or through avenues like commercialisation. Applicants must have ‘impact’ in one of the 7 challenge areas identified.

‘Impact’ does not mean the number of publications published or citations received.

IMPACT7 is guided by the ARC definition of Research Impact:
“Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that research makes to the economy, society, culture, national security, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond contributions to academia.”

To apply to present at IMPACT7, please complete a short online application form – available here. Applicants will be contacted for more information if needed and then notified if they are successful in late June.
There is no cost to apply or present at IMPACT7.
Successful applicants will be required to attend the one-day event in Melbourne on Tuesday 1 August 2017. Presenters will also be strongly encouraged to attend a pre-event ‘PitchCamp, powered by ON’ on Monday 31 July in Melbourne to hone their presentation skills and delivery before the event. ‘PitchCamp, powered by ON’ will be facilitated by the expert team behind the national science and technology accelerator, ‘ON, powered by CSIRO’. Each presenter will be required to prepare a short, snappy three-minute ‘impact statement’, and respond to questions from a panel of Impact Leaders. Travel grants are available for interstate presenters.
Presenters will have the opportunity to present their impactful work to hundreds of influential representatives from industry, investment, government and research. Impact Leaders will be on-hand to offer invaluable guidance and feedback. If that’s not enough – there are prizes on offer, travel grants available to enable presenters to attend the event, and a chance to take the next step towards realising the impact of your work through the connections you make on the day!
Each presenter will offer a short, snappy three minute ‘impact statement’. Successful applicants for IMPACT7 will be invited to attend a special ‘PitchCamp, powered by ON’ on Monday 31 July in Melbourne to help them prepare.

Teams will also be invited to attend a pre-IMPACT7 webinar – ‘Plan your ideal pitch’ (dates to be advised) – in the weeks leading up to IMPACT7, where they will be armed with the tools, training and guidance required to prepare the ideal impact pitch in order to secure support, partners and fast-track their innovation to address the IMPACT7 challenges.

‘PitchCamp, powered by ON’ will be facilitated by the expert team behind the national science and technology accelerator, ‘ON, powered by CSIRO’.

Each applicant will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine the help and guidance needed to prepare for IMPACT7. We will ensure that all applicants are provided with the preparation they need for a standout presentation.

How many will present at IMPACT7 depends on the calibre of the applicants! Some ‘Challenge’ categories may have more presenters than others depending on the impact and nature of the applications received.

We expect to receive over 100 applications, and anticipate the selection of around 20-30 presenters.

An audience of approximately 300-400 guests is expected to attend IMPACT7.
We are open to projects at all stages of maturity and from all areas of science.

There are three key criteria:

  1. Projects with the greatest (potential) impact
  2. Projects which will benefit from participating in IMPACT7
  3. Projects which are diverse (IMPACT7 is a national event, so we are on the hunt for projects from across the country, from different organisations and institutions, early stage to later stage – running the full gamut of experience)

Above all, we are looking for projects which will grab the interest of the audience and appeal to a broad constituency!

The Impact Hub is an interactive exhibition space where exciting inventions and initiatives from Australia’s science community will be on display! Organisations, scientists, project teams within companies, researchers, and even early career science innovators or high school students will showcase their big propositions and inventions, as well as initiatives in mentoring, internships and STEM education.

The Impact Hub will feature invited exhibitors and also accepts applications. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Impact Hub, please contact us: info@impact7.com.au.

Travel grants are available for successful applicants to travel to Melbourne for IMPACT7. When applying, please identify if you would like to apply for a travel grant.
For assistance with your application, please contact: info@impact7.com.au.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a special ‘PitchCamp, powered by ON’ before the event to hone their presentation skills and prepare for IMPACT7.

A panel of external science, technology and impact leaders will evaluate the applications and select the successful applicants to present at IMPACT7.