IMPACT7 is a day of discovery, where Australia’s cleverest people will reveal how they are using science to unlock a better future.

At IMPACT7, researchers will present how their projects are helping to solve 7 major challenges. Their work is taking us towards solving wicked problems, helping us to be more resilient, effective, and productive. This is research that matters – and could transform the way we think, work, and live.


In one day, Australia’s most exciting science will be on display. Innovators will present their projects in front of illustrious ‘Impact Leaders‘, who will provide invaluable feedback and guidance.

Over the course of the day, innovators will have just three minutes to present their exciting projects to panels of Impact Leaders, who will share their insights into Australia’s potential impact on the challenges raised. The day will finish with drinks, networking and, of course – awards!

IMPACT7 will also feature an “Impact Hub” – an interactive exhibition space where exciting inventions and initiatives from Australia’s science community will be on display! Organisations, scientists, project teams within companies, researchers, and even early career science innovators or high school students will showcase their big propositions and inventions, as well as initiatives in mentoring, internships and STEM education.

Applications to present research-based solutions to solve big challenges at IMPACT7 are now open.


IMPACT7 brings together people who care about amplifying the impact of science. Fellow researchers and emerging scientists of today and tomorrow will gather to make meaningful connections. They will have the chance to introduce themselves to corporate leaders, media, and government representatives who can bring to the boil new partnerships, potential pilots, investment, and mentorships.

Attendees of Impact7 will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with:

  • Influential Impact Leaders
  • Corporates and organisations who see the value of building capacity and capability through partnerships
  • Emerging scientists of today and tomorrow from all over Australia
  • Large customers of science innovation in industries interested in solving the challenges identified
  • Media
  • Venture capital, corporate, and angel investors
  • Government and public policy influencers
  • Students
  • Non-profit organisations who are inspiring the next generation of science superstars


Be part of the explosion of ideas and collaborations that are only possible when problem solvers, people with passion, and potential partners of science collide at IMPACT7.

IMPACT7 will generate real impact by:

  • Bringing science out of the lab and university and into the spotlight, where its impact can be amplified
  • Introducing the cleverest, most curious minds in science to investors, government, industry, customers, and the public
  • Creating the environment where great ideas, clever people, and big challenges collide